2018 marks our 25th festival and we are proud to be celebrating it together with you.

Our 25th Anniversary Gift, courtesy of Kawai Piano Kota Kinabalu

A big thank you to Mr Pang Nyeh Meng for his generosity in giving us the Kota Kinabalu Music Society a Kawai Digital Piano in celebration of our 25th Music and Dance Festival which was held on the 15-16 September 2018.

Our sincere record of thanks to Mr Pang for his support in providing all the pianos in our annual festival for all these years.

We will be featuring this piano in our coming Christmas concert so look out for more details soon..

Big THANK YOU from Kota Kinabalu Music Society!

A big Thank You to All from us, the Kota Kinabalu Music Society. Words cannot express enough our appreciation to each of you who was a part in this year’s 25th Music and Dance Festival. Most importantly is we have all come together far and near and showed the world we need the arts to unite people. The objectives of the festival are accomplished through many volunteers, sponsors, teachers, parents and the general public whose mind sets are to give than to receive. To give to others in energy, time and experience are beyond measures. However the treasures we gain are the happiness and smiles in the faces of all, friendships anew and renewed and beautiful memories.

A picture paints a thousand words, so let all those pictures that are shared in the social media speak for themselves the joy and blessings we have had.

To all the volunteers who have been running up and down at the festival, kudos to all of you. Your humility and willingness to do all these menial tasks have been a great example to the young and for this you are great because you chose to serve. The awesome team spirit is just amazing!

May God bless all of you.

Audrey Chin

Our History

The Kota Kinabalu Music Society (KKMS) was established in 1973 with the aim of promoting classical music in the community. Membership is open to any adult music enthusiasts.

The society since has expanded their activities over the years in supporting music education through its organization of regular concerts and workshops.

The first proper Music Festival was started in 1993 which served as a platform for young musicians to express themselves through public performance and also to enable the community at large to further appreciate music and widen their experience.

In 2016, KK Music Festival has created another milestone with the addition of Dance category. Since then, Kota Kinabalu Music Festival has been renamed to Kota Kinabalu Music and Dance Festival!


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