Festival 2020 Special Category – Bands

Open Retro Band category
Fees: MYR 200 per band

This category is open to all ages and it can be mixed. Maximum 4 members per band including vocalist/s. Single song title or medley of songs are allowed however performance must not exceed 5 minutes.

1) Decide on the band or artist from the 60’s to 80’s you want to represent. E.g. Beatles, Bee Gees, Elton John, P. Ramlee et cetera
2) Perform their repertoires
3) Costumes of the artist/s are a must!

Prizes for this special category will be
MYR 800 and trophies for Winner
MYR 600 and trophies for 1st Runner-up
MYR 400 and trophies for 2nd Runner-up