Set Categories Details

These selections are for various levels which you need to look into carefully. We have given the titles, the pages, the cover of books and the ISBN codes for you to find them in shops and online if you do not have them yet. Some are already in PDF with the codes and fees which you can download to use. And lastly we have also given you a link to a website where you need to subscribe with a valid email address, set up an user name et cetera to get these Disney piano music sheets for free. So you can start preparing and getting your costumes set up!

Importantly!!!! You will still submit these Special SET Categories by filling the usual Solo Registration Forms with THE CORRECT CODES AND FEES as informed here. AND you will still need to submit in the music score in PDF Format like the rest therefore make sure you have the right scores.

For Popular Singing, these Special SET Categories require live piano or guitar accompaniment and minus one accompaniment is not accepted should you decide to join these as SET Categories.

DO NOT FORGET!! These SET Categories require all participants to put on the relevant costumes of the song, theme or the movie set. Be creative and fun 🙂


Full details of Code, Fees, ISBN, Pages etc, click the file below


Below are the music sheets for Selection 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 15  (arr. by Valarie Liau) and Original 16, 17, 18 by Ng Jun Ling. 

Kindly contact us should you need assistance or for further clarification. Thank you.

(updated 28 Feb, 2019)