Hannah Moujing

Hannah Moujing is a Sabahan female dance artist, educator and supervised therapist. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Dance, and a minor in Diversity from the University of Washington (UW) in June 2018. In the span of 2 years in Seattle, she was featured in more than 20 works, collaborating with artists from different backgrounds like music, theatre, and film. She is the founder of a Malaysian Dance Team “Tanak Borneo” and showcase at the International Cultural Festival at Meany Hall, Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle Centre, and Oregon State University. Her film “Tiba-Tiba” was presented at Broadway Performance Hall under KT Niehoff at the Strictly Seattle Summer Intensive. She presented her independent research “Body Navigation: The embodiment of confidence”, exploring how movement is a tool for healing and could be integrated into the conduct of talk therapy at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium 2018.

She is the recipient of the Malaysian Public Service Scholarship (2012-2018), Mary Gates Research Scholarship (2017-2018) and James Fesalbon Scholarship (2017). She has conducted summer workshops internationally in Shiyan, China (2016), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2017), and Seattle, United States (2018).

Since July 2018, she moved back to her hometown Kota Kinabalu to work with her community. She currently teaches contemporary dance at J dance studio and weekly dance workshops at University Malaysia Sabah. She is currently under the mentorship of Devi Kusardy, founder of Liku-Liku Center for Creative Arts Therapy and certified holistic practitioner. They both work together in conducting expressive arts and somatic therapy workshop at Sabah local mental Hospital Mesra with patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is now undergoing her practice as a Reattached Therapist and Expressive Art Therapist.